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POST 0006 - a new blendfile / un nuevo archivo blend

here´s the new blendfile with more transitions and descriptions for the scenes.
aquí está el nuevo blendfile, con más transiciones y descripciones para las escenas.

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Tin2tin dijo...

Wow very nice. Is it possbly to upload the transitions to a compressed windows friendly format? This 3D transition stuff fine under windows too. But .tar.gz files might scrae some people off.

marquitux dijo...

GVFX is oriented to work with linux mainly (that´s why i use tar.gz), but I will love to see it in other platforms (blender can take it), I guess you´re rigth.
I will upload in .ZIP format.


Anónimo dijo...

Thanks a million for this! I can't wait to use it. I'm very new to blender but with ready to use blend files like this I can just dive in and use it for effects alongside cinelerra for compositing!

tin2tin dijo...

Is there a way to tell the blend file what scene to use - with commandline or datos.txt?

Are the videoclips the exact same size as the source - so you can make a cut in your source, render the transition and add it to where you cut it - will that cut be invisible?

I guess at some point the python script should be able to ajust the keys in the animation to the duration of Outpoint-Inpoint of the source(so the speed would change).

Very nice work on the transitions.

marquitux dijo...

the option is:
blender -b gvfx.blend -S 00.00002 -s 128 -e 498 -o //render_# -F PNG -x 1

this renders a png sequence (in gvfx we will use avijpeg or mov) from frame 120 to 498, the scene 00.00002.

datos.txt will pass information on clip A and clipB (frame start and end), and specific render parameters (but the txt structure may change at some point because you will have a file for every transition... and that complicates the NLE, maybe an XML file could contain all the BRIDGE DATA).

the scenes are pal(720x576), but i hope to find a way to use the render as ntsc also, we will find a way (HD will be difficult) and MUST be the same rendersize that clipA and clipB, but if you use 2 different video sizes, does n´t matter, the clips are UV mapped and fill the planes, so... should n´t be a problem

The SCALABLE keyframes, is a MUST, but I haven´t talked to alex about the scrip in this week, but by default must be 100 frames , as a convencional length, but the script should have to select AL keys from 1 to 100 and stretch it. The speed issue, is not important, because that´s what happends in commercial apps.

if you think about SOME FIX LENGTH transitions, we could create some kind of NON-SCALABLE-CATEGORY... in the scene names 50.00000 to 50.99999 range that´s the case fot the "PUNCH IN THE FACE" effect, wich is NOT a transition, and must be applied in this same way, but never scale it to keep timing. Or we could even have another Blendfile for this non-time-scalable effects (and other for the menu-DVD generator, but that still just an idea).

where te whole idea was growing, and you will see how the Open Movie Editor thinks about it.
I will publish a PDF file with some "basic" data about how to make or modify transitions, with all the conventions that i´m using.

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